Wednesday, February 23, 2011

too late

Someone just told me something that is very heartbreaking for me.. something that I would never thought it would break my heart so much.. the second I read the message my tears flow straight none stop and felt my heartache once again after years.. never thought this would happen at this time.. the no earlier is because I'm afraid that someone will get hurt because of my uncertainties.. now I'm all prepared to say yes but I don't think I will have the chance to say it anymore..

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's next?

been thinking bout my life for the pass weeks.. what should I do next? which job field should I enter? and many more.. after the failure of SIA I've been very demotivated.. haiz.. but still.. life goes on! gonna try to get a temporary job for the moment and only will hunt for a permanent job after June as I'm going holidays too much.. dont think any company would like a newbie to take so many leaves..

other than that.. been thinking bout another part of my life as well.. been single long enough and ended up in such situation.. haiz.. making myself sort of suffering now.. some told me to let go as it's not worth it.. but.. I'M CONFUSED TOOOO!!! should I give myself a chance and wait or let go of it immediately? I already knew the consequences from day 1.. maybe i really shouldnt had let my feelings out in the first place.. arghhh! fine.. dowan to think.. let it be~ let it be~~

missed my grandpa suddenly.. he's been away for 13 yrs and 4 months now.. missed how he used to spoil me.. missed how he would teach me little naughty things.. missed the house we used to stayed in.. and I could still remember every details of the house clearly.. from the kitchen to the garden to the mango tree where we always wait for it to bare fruits.. to the special fruit tree outside where the fruit tastes so sweet.. misses them so much..

Sunday, March 28, 2010


quite disappointed for failing the interview today. had to tell everyone im fine but still.. quite sad bout it lo.. was quite confident during the interview but still.. HAIZZZZZZZ...............

had to figure a new plan for myself now.. haiz..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

beh song!

I beh song now! ok la.. beh song for the passed few hours, now not so bad adi..

Leehom was here on 19th for the new Celcom ad and how can I not know 'bout it! When I found out that he was here straight away I called everyone that might know about it and none of them got any news of it! arghhh!

My study mood dropped down to 0 when I saw the on set photos of the ad!! beh song to da max lo! aiks.. but after half an hour of calls.. I left it to faith.. whether will I get any news from anyone. Thinking back on the Coke ad 7 and a half months back, I'm still happy and satisfied with the 2 hours+ of handsomeness and cuteness working with him! HAHAHA!

FINE! I'll study hard now for my crucial paper in 12 hours time! Bye Leehom!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


confused.. a lil confused.. very confused.. hmmm...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I can't even recall when was the last time I had this so surprised feeling. I am now surprised + happy! Must write down how I am feeling now!!

A long lost close primary schoolmate that migrated to Australia since secondary called me after we lost contacting for 10 years!!! I WAS SHOCKED!!!!!

Received a call showing +60302 while I was busy planning my next trip with my friends in MSN. Naturally I would expect it to be another fella calling from Taiwan, which I didn't want to answer.

At that moment, my mind told me not to answer my my fingers did answer that call. Thank God is not the voice that I expected it to be but it turn out to be a strange voice......

"Ngo hai yip mun kit ah"
"Norman Yap?!"

After hearing my going-to-hang-up-the-phone-voice, he was smart enough to let me who he was immediately. I was shock+stunt+dunno what to say! after 10 years! We didn't contact for 10 years, no one has his contact, I tried searching him on Facebook, etc... Out of a blue moon he called! I was very very happy indeed. He was one of my very close friend during my primary school days, and I never missed someone so much before! So happy till I dunno what to say adi. Our conversation lasted for 1 hour.. asked for contacts such as FB & MSN.. then we continued chatting on MSN.. then he called again.. 2 hours+ till now where we just hung up the phone.. wow!

Another reason that I was so surprise is 'cos yesterday night or I should say this morning I had a long dream which he was in that same dream too! For no reason he suddenly appeared in my dream and in the same night he called after we lost contact for 10 years! OMG!! (my dream ended at the very climax of the story! where my dad dropped something on my head and woke me up! arghhh!!!)

He will be back for CNY next year.. will definitely meet him as we are planning for a primary schoolmates gathering! I am all hyped now!!! and looking forward to the CNY gathering!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reading them again

hmmm... I just read few of my old blog entries, quite ok ma.. why did I stop writing? lazy for sure..

I think I should start writing again.. haha..

been busy with assignments for the pass few weeks till siao.. tons of them.. 1 coming in after another.. *faint* but thank God!!! 1 more left for this week and it's a wrap!!!

currently busying on another thing as well.. me and PF are setting up a blogshop and also we are having our stall in a bazaar end of the month selling accessories and handmade stuff.. the handmade stuff which make us headache.. although we made both on our own, but the accessories are not so bad *still give me headaches*.. the handmade stuff which kills me more.. coz I seldom sew, so my sewing is slow!!! takes me lots of time to complete 1 item!! neways.. I need money!! so cant complain.. I choose to do it..

So, whoever reading this.. come visit me at table no.24 in the bazaar on 29th August (Sat) in Asia Cafe SS15 Subang. Im sure the bazaar is interesting as there are many other stalls as well.. ~~~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bali bali bali~~~

Bali here I come again~~~

This round I'm going with my Hommies gang.. will be taking off on Saturday evening~

5D4N trip to Kuta and Lovina
Planned to stay in Kuta for 2 days, Lovina for a night, goes back to Kuta for the last night.
Going to Lovina to see dolphins!!! on my bday!! wuhooo~~~
and our hotel in Lovina has 4 dolphin in their own pool!! wuhooo again~~~

This trip is quite cheap 'cos v got cheap flights and cheap rates for nice hotels..
The best of all is...... I don't need to pay a single cent for shopping!! hahaha!
Uncle and dad sponsoring all my cash as my bday gift! yeah!!
will definitely update my trip this time..

Some info on my accommodation..

Kuta's hotel
Secret garden Inn
We booked the bungalow unit that can fit in 5 person for Rp700,000 per night, 3 alternate nights in total.

Lovina's hotel
Melka Excelsior
Supposedly rated 4 star but the rates are cheap surprisingly... so let's see......
USD37 per room for 2, and USD49 per room for 3 with extra bed.
The dolphins in the hotel attracted us to booked this hotel actually, 'cos thinking if we can't see the dolphins in the sea at lease we can still get a glimpse of them in our hotel pool.. hahaha!

We booked a van to travel around that cost Rp900000 for 5 days.

That's all for the moment! Wait till I come back for more updates~~ ^^

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ad shooting WITH Leehom

Yes.. is WITH the real Leehom... not banner/poster/banting/cardboard...

I'd always envy the TW fans where they can participate in Leehom's MV. How I wish I could have a chance... and my dream came true~ Finally I had a chance to 'work' with him, not in his MV but in the same ad.

Both of us were lucky enough to be part of the 80 extras in Leehom's upcoming endorsement ad. It's a China ad which will not be broadcast in Msia. Thx to my friend which asked us to be replacements the very last minute. * Luv ya Joseph~!*

Our journey started on Thursday *very early* morning......

We departed from home @ 3:45am to the production house where they provided buses for us to Bukit Tinggi. After taking our attendance, had a short briefing in bus where they told us the 'ultimate' rule.. DO NOT GO NEAR TO THE RED TEAM, WHICH IS WANG LEEHOM'S TEAM. No cheering, handshakes, autographs, photographs, calling him, and waving. We cannot even show excited faces if he smile to us, cannot show any reaction if he hug and kiss too.. *how I wished to... haha!*
After everyone arrived, everything sorted out nicely, we left @ 5:00am.. Bukit Tinggi here we come~~~

Everyone slept through the whole journey and we arrived in Bukit Tinggi @ 6:00am. Sky is still dark, nice cooling weather, and the lights decos are nice! We were then lead to our 'dungeon' for breakfast. Food sucks to da max! Cold fried rice and bitter fried noodle. After breakfast, wardrobe selection, rules and regulations of the day, etc...

Life of a 'prisoner' begins...... we were not allowed to go anywhere except to our dedicated washroom. It's hot when the sun rises even though we are in Bukit Tinggi!! All of us were left under a canopy doing nth and ended up taking naps on the table.. =.=

Everyone was bored and slept...

As time goes by~~~ 8, 9, 10, 11, 12:00pm...

"All extras standby now!"
Finally! We got something better to do rather than sleeping and crapping! and... can see Leehom! Everyone went up to the set, saw the featured talents were having rehearsal, Leehom not there yet, and soooo hot!! We waited for our scene in shades and suddenly they need 10 extras in front to fit in the empty spaces and we were the lucky ones! Both of us were positioned in front among the extras. *wuhoo~* Then rehearsal started... we were hired to jump and cheers together happily coz it's a summer ad.

After a few round of rehearsal, here comes the superstar~~ *cheng cheng cheng~~~*
He walked out from the back and coincidently he passed by in between me & mv! We were super excited but we cant express it out on our faces =.= Later on our 'bao mu' a.k.a supervisor came told us rmb the rules coz those behind got scolding for waving to him. Then everyone rehearsed again, and cameras start rolling~
Act, act, act... jump jump jump~ these few shots were the normal shots coz they just need close-ups of him. It's a very sunny day and after 10 mins of standing under the sun, I started to feel burning pain on the top part of my feet. Sunburn!! *ouch* Luckily during breaks for the next shot, there's unlimited cold can drinks and water for us to quench our thirst and also to cool us down.
Approximately 1 hour later, Leehom decided to have lunch first before continuing...

Lunch suck as well.. =.= had a 'bien dang' with only satu pokok of vege and 2 small pieces of sweet sour chic.. Weather is super duper hot and everything is bad at that time. After lunch, rested for around half an hour, jumping & cheering again @ 2:30.. This time they needed all 80 extras together cos they are shooting from a high angle. We went back into places, and here comes the fun~~
They wanted a human wave(correct ah?)! Co-director directed what they wanted, rehearsed, the man comes out... He passed by Mavis and she was shivering in excitement! haha!
Co-director explain what they wanted to him then camera start rolling. NG for a few times and they changed 'story' for some better shots. This time our man need to run in between the crowd! This was fun! I was so excited *inside* when I overheard them talking on the new story line coz he will definitely pass by me! *wuhoo~*

Camera rolling again~ *drink drink drink... ahhhhh... jump! cheer! run run run~~~* I could feel the 'wind' when he run passed me! 2 attempts and the director was not satisfied with it coz the crowd behind were too far apart (they actually made way for him to run through). Leehom told the director that the crowd don't need to make way for him when he pass by. So, director said "stand nearer to each other now!" ... "Action!"
This time we were standing abit too tight for him to passed through and I have to 'jump' aside for him to pass through. *SYIOKNESS!!*
Few attempts again and they changed another 'story'. This time I didn't know what they planned coz we were having break in the shades as there are some clouds covering Mr. Sun~ Yes.. they want the very very bright sunny sun as they didn't use the spotlights.. =.=
10 mins later? "10 seconds!! standby! sun is here!!" This time the crowd arrangement in front changed a lil and I get to stand in between the featured talents(= nearer to Leehom)!! *wuhooo again!*

Waited for the clouds to clear, standby, camera rolling, ACTION! He repeated the same action, and everybody cheer! He happily jumping and cheering then he ran over and stopped beside me!! cos the featured band were surrounding me and he need to have some interaction with them. We then jump, dance, and cheer together around him and with him!! *SYIOKNESS TO DA MAX!!* He is like a few centimeters away from me! and I can shout out my excitement 'officially' cos the camera was still rolling. *Wuuuu!!* Mavis was drooling as well at that time cos she can see his face right in front of her!

This was our fav. scene of the day and our job has ended... We went back to our 'base' and waited for them to finish their close up shots. Round 1 hour+ later (@ 4:30), my friend(one of the featured band members) came down and told us thats all for the day~~ Clean up, salary time, head counts, Bye bye!!!

They even brought bench as props =.=
and that's 1 of our supervisor

Actually we guessed he was in good mood that day cos he sang and whistle on set. Other than that, he showed the cute side of him. We had to freeze before the camera starts to roll and he followed what the director said whereby he actually don't have to. He helped to 'catch' those who moved when they said freeze. Quite hard for me to explain that part, hope they will show the 'behind the scenes' then you'll know..

Bye bye B.Tinggi~~

- The End -

Us in bus

It's a very rare chance to participate in his ad and work together with him. Although it's hot and tired but this might be only our once in a life time chance and we really appreciate it. *Thx Joe!* ^^

One more thing, now I understand why people working around artists/superstar have no reaction when they see them... cos it's really nth much special about them after working for a period of time. We were super excited at first but nearing the end and with the sun shinning bright above us, what we want was just cold drinks and aircon even he is just standing in front of us.. =.=

My badly burned left shoulder.. =.=

PS: We didn't have group photos or what-so-ever interaction with Leehom cos it's working time! ;)
and no cameras allowed on set, so no photos of that part too~

Joseph, KC, MV, MV's 'kat zai'
*didn't ask what's his name =.=*

Hate u MV!! arghhh!!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Waited for 2 years...

YES! the Music-man will be in town for concert this weekend!!! wuhooooo~~~~

after sooooo long.. finally! he is back again! cant wait to see him sing on stage...

having his concert songs marathon in my playlist now.. old songs are hardly played in my playlist.. so must rehearse before concert.. haha! can't wait!!

have to pack for my 3D2N Leehom trip with my hommies.. haha! will be camping in different houses for the next 2 days!